Gameplay Guide - Getting started

An indepth guide to help you connect, navigate and understand the unique features of Fanatic-wow. This server has a lot of aspects and features which may seem hard to understand at first.

- Getting started

Gearing your character
Currencies and rewards

- Events and miscellaneous

Hall of Legends
Silithus World PvP
Escape from Alcaz Island

Gearing up your Character & Getting Started

When you first login to fanatic-wow, all spells and weapon skills will already be learned. Adding a talent point in a rank specific talent will automaticly learn the highest rank of that spell (i.e. Mortal Strike). No trainers needed!

Infont of you, there is an 'Enchantment Template' npc. This npc will instantly equip all starter gear for your desired talent specification. But ontop of that, it will also put in your glyphs and enchants! (Currently in development to add talents and gems into the template)

This is intended to ease the gearing progress and get straight into PvP action. Experienced PvP players might want to choose a different approch and do this manually, which is totally possible aswell.

Starter gear
The starter gear we use on our realm is [Relentless Gladiator]. This will have a blue quality color, to indicate its a lower quality itemset. You will also be able to access free ilvl245 PvE items for your starter gear.

Causal Honor Gear
The mid-tier gear we use is [Wrathful Gladiator]. This will be avalible to purchase for Honor Points earned in battlegrounds. Ilvl 264 PvE gear will also be avalible for Honor Points.
Wrathful gear is ment for those players trying to either improve in Arena, or just enjoy playing Battlegrounds or World PvP.

End Game Gear
Here on Fanatic-wow we have a unique Season 9 gearset called [Malicious Gladiator]. This is the best gear avalible on this server. To purchase this gear you need to earn Arena Points to buy the off-pieces and Arena Points + Rating to buy the mainset.

Currencies and Rewards

There are many different currencies on Fanatic-wow, and it can be diffucult to wrap your head around it at first. I will list all the currencies and display how you obtain them and what you can use them for.

Honor Points
Honor Points can be spent on purchasing Wrathful Gladiator gearset and various pve items with an ilvl of 264.

Arena Points
Arena Points are used to purchase high-end arena gear. This is the highest gearset on Fanatic-wow and is called Malicious Gladiator and has an ilvl of 297.

[Silithus Token]
This Token can be obtained through either killing players of the oposite faction or doing Daily Quests inside Silithus. You can purchase various fun items used in World PvP, unique mounts or turn them in for reputation with Cenarian Circle. You need reputation to unlock certain items inside the Silithus PvP zone.

[Mark of Honor]
You can obtain Mark of Honor for completing Battlegrounds and Arenas. Winning a Battleground or Arena match will grant you 3 Mark of Honor, losing will give you 1 Mark of Honor.
You can use Mark of Honor to purchase Honor Points or spend on Transmogrification items.

[Badge of Justice]
This badge can be obtained by killing enemy players around in the open world. Can be spent to purchase Honor Points.

[Emblem of Heroism]
We have a unique dueling system on Fanatic-wow with rewards and rating. Winning a duel against a player inside the dedicated Duel Area, will gain you 2 Emblem of Heroism. Can be spent to purchase Honor Points.

[Emblem of Frost]
This currency can be bought from the Currency npc ingame. For 1 Emblem of Frost you need either 50 Emblem of Heroism, 650 Arena Points or 100 Badge of Justice.
Used for purchasing transmogrification. You can also exchange this currency for 100 Badge of Justice.

[Fanatic Token]
This is the highest currency on Fanatic-wow. You need 2350 Arena Rating and 500 Arena points to unlock this item. This item is also avalible if you choose to donate.
This token is used for exclusive items, such as mounts, legendary items for transmogrification, unlocking access to special visual effect to your character.


Transmogrification allows you to change how your items look like without changing the stats of the items. Items used in transmogrification are no longer refundable, tradeable and are bound to you. You can also remove transmogrifications for free at the transmogrifier.

You can save your own transmogrification sets. To save, first you must transmogrify your equipped items > set management menu > save set menu. All items you have transmogrified are displayed. If you think the set is fine, you click save the set and name it as you wish. To use a set you can click the saved set in the set management menu and then select use set.

Hall of Legends

For those proven themselves worthy in battlegrounds will be able to unlock this zone. You need to complete a quest and earn the Sergeant title (1000 Honorable Kills) to enter.

In Hall of Legends you will be able to purchase exotic old school Vanilla PvP gear to transmogrify. Stand out from the crowd and show them your acomplishments!

Silithus World PvP

Currency: [Silithus Token]. Gained from killing players from the oposite faction inside Silithus.
Quests: You gain reputation with Cenarion Circle as rewards from delivering repeatable quests, and turning in Silithus Tokens.
Rewards: Mounts, Tabards, fun items for World PvP. Reverded-Exalted reputation is required to unlock certain items.
Objects: There are many Silithyst Geysers scattered around Silithus. Bring them to your faction's base for 100 Honor Points, 100 Reputation Points with Cenarion Circle and 5% damage increase inside silithus for 30min.

Winning the Silithus PvP event is a faction-team effort. The first faction to deliver in 200 Silithysts from the Geysers, will recieve [Silithyst Token of Victory] (can be turned in for rewards) and a 15% damage increase inside Silithus. The winning faction will unlock the AQ40 Class set vendor. Here you can purchase unique AQ40 items for transmogrification purposes. The cost of these AQ40 gear pieces is 75 [Silithus Token]'s per item. (change?)

Escape from Alcaz Island

The Scarlet has imprisoned you inside Alcaz Isand, find a way to escape and complete the quests along the way.

This is a hostile zone and faction PvP is enabled. There are multiple power ups in this some (i.e. beserking, sprint). No mercy, escape before your enemy faction or face death!

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